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Hodgson Physical Therapy provides unique physical therapy programs carried out by professional and positive therapists. The studio is well equipped with a friendly positive vibe. Incorporating Pilates exercise into their therapeutic plans is an extra bonus for individual clients working on strength building and flexibility.                

Christine H. Rehoboth, MA




I have been very happy with my physical therapy with Val. She has been wonderful and caring, with giving me just the right home exercises to correct the "worst pain ever experienced" with my lower back. Everything she did got me better than I have ever felt before hurting my back! Her suggestions for Osteopenia and Scoliosis have helped me tremendously and continue to make me improve! I am so glad I was referred to Val at Hodgson Physical Therapy. I will continue to keep strong with the Pilates classes at her studio along with the Osteopenia Circuit class.

Sue P. Taunton, MA



I also have had great success with Doreen with massage after my physical therapy sessions. She helped to relieve the myofascial and muscle spasms so that my back could start healing even quicker, and jump start my recovery! Now I am experiencing her craniosacral therapy which is helping other health issues that I have. I strongly recommend Hodgson Physical Therapy & massage with Pilates!

Sue P. Taunton, MA



What can you say about someone who has taken you from excruciating pain back to playing golf again!!! You say that person is wonderful, outstanding at what she does, professional, and a miracle worker. I'm describing Diane Cordeiro at Hodgson Physical Therapy & Pilates in Dighton. I have referred others to her and all have been grateful to me for doing so. When I count my blessings Diane Cordeiro is one of them. Linda R. Fall River, MA



Recently, I had knee surgery my terrific therapist was Val Hogson of Hodgson Physical Therapy in Dighton, MA. She is professional, targets the area of pain, alleviates the pain correcting the problem so that you can function well once again. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Val at Hodgson Pysical Therapy.

Henry R. Fall River, MA



Many years ago, I was faced wtih a life alternating incident. This experience has resulted in chronic neck and back pain that I have lived with since 1997. Recently, I had additional surgery to help make adjustments and improve my quality of life. My doctor gave me a prescription for several weeks of pysical therapy and I was faced with the decision of finding a facility. With the suggestion of familty members, I chose Hodgson Pysical Therapy & Pilates. It was stressed to me to ask for Diane Cordeiro as she had helped to 'change the life' of a member of the family. Visually, I had seen this woman change from needing to use a wheel chair for limited distance walking to returning to a more normal life for a person of her age.

I was optomistic from the first day I began working with Diane. Each day that I completed my session, I would have short term relief from my chronic pain. Diane continued to give me follow up suggested exercises and activities to imporve my chronic pain issues. My posture has visibly improved to the point where my friends and family have physically noticed the difference.

I believe that Diane and the staff at Hodgson have given me specific tools to use in my journey to a better quality of life and I plan to continue (on my own) at least one day per week, in order to maintain the strategies and Pilates movements that I have learned at this facility.

I will consider 'paying it forward' by suggesting Diane Cordeiro and the Hodgson facility to friends and family.

Michael R. Taunton, MA



I had a total hip replacement June 1, 2015. I spent two days in the hospital and came home for recovery. I was treated by a visiting nurse and a physical therapist and a physical therapist assistance in my home for about 4 weeks. I am a resident of North Dighton and needed to do some outpatient physical therapy and my PTA recommended Hodgson Physical Therapy & Pilates.

Hodgson Physical Therapy & Pilates is a local gem. I feel so fortunate to have found them. I worked twice a week with my PT Diane, who was kind, compassionate, and focused on what my personal goals were. Because she knew I had horses and my goal was to ride again she helped me to regain my strength and skills I would need. By September 1, 2015 I was cleared to ride by my surgeon and totally prepared by my wonderful physical therapist. I am happy to report that I am so comfortable on my horse.

The facility is warm and welcoming and immaculate. I had never used Pilates equipment before and am amazed at how you can isolate any area with their machines. I plan to continue working with Pilates to stay in shape and strengthen muscles that "took time" off while my hip healed.

I would definitly recommend Hodgson to anyone needing Physical Therapy. And I would recommend Pilates for overall physical health and wellbeing.

Macia T. North Dighton



Very professional, very friendly, and very effective. I drive an hour each direction because it is worth it. They get results.

I was very pleased with the therapy I was given last year on my back. So when my wife developed problems after surgery, I suggested Hodgson's. She's now a convert as well. We both highly recommend Diane Cordeiro at Hodgson Physical Therapy.

KSM, East Falmouth, MA

Recently, I had back surgery and went for therapy at Hodgson's in Dighton, MA for several weeks. Mary Kerrigan was my therapist this time. She is excellent at what she does. She explains what needs to be done clearly. She makes sure you understand. She demonstrates what needs to be done then watches carefully coaching you as you go. She is professional and is a wealth of great information that she is willing to share. We are so lucky to have three amazing therapists at Hodgson in Val, Diane and Mary. They know how to bring you back to good Health. Linda R

PS. Everyone I have ever referred to Hodgson has thanked me.

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