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Massage Therapy Services

with Doreen Quinn, LMT

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue – muscles, skin and fascia.  Therapy sessions are based on individual client needs.  As a Licensed and Nationally certified massage therapist, who specializes in chronic pain and stress management,  I use a combination of techniques such as deep tissue, sweedish, reiki and myofascial release. 


Myofascial release is a safe and effective hands-on therapy that is slow and gentle.  It can cause a deep, relaxed feeling.  The accumulative affects of massage can help manage chronic pain.  With slow, sustained and sometimes very deep pressure, into the restricted areas of your body, you will feel a wonderful stretch.  Sometimes finding sore spots in the body may not be as comfortable.   Known as trigger points, these spots are held for a period of time until they want to release.  It may be a “good hurt” but with no need to tense or brace yourself.  Tissue in a protective state will not release.  We need to both respect the time your body needs to heal.


Why Combine Massage with Physical Therapy and Pilates? 

Therapeutic Massage is used as a compliment to physical therapy to maximize healing and enhance body awareness.  A looser body,  with less restrictions, will respond more effectively to the exercises used in PT to develop strength and balance.  You will be more relaxed and feel less pain. This unique collaboration, including pilates, emphasizes patient empowerment and functional performance so that you may effectively meet your goals.


How Will I Feel?

Most people feel some relief immediately after treatment.  Some may feel sore, temporarily, as mobility is being restored.  Gently stretch these areas.  You will continue to unwind and release for up to a day after you leave.  Be aware of your bodies response to therapy.  It will be helpful in planning your next treatment if I know how long the discomfort lasted and what else you might be feeling.  Some people feel energized and some exhausted.  This is all normal.  You will feel better.  Allow yourself the time to heal. 


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