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Mat Class Price

Mat Classes are $15.00 for walk-ins 


Reformer Class Price

Each class is $25.00 for walk-ins and  there are only 7 slots per class, reservations required.

Modified Reformer is $20.00 for walk-ins again with reservation required. 


Circuit Class Price


Each class is $20.00 for walk-ins and there are only 8 slots per class, reservations required.

Healthy Bones Class Price

Drop in price is $10 per class


Reformer (beg/int/advanced):

6 Class Packages: $120.00


Modified Reformer:

6 Class Packages: $108.00


6 Class Packages: $90.00


6 Class Package: $60.00


Healthy Bones Class:

6 Class Packages: $50.00



Cancellation Policies 


For all packages, we ask that you kindly give 24 hours notice so that your slot can be filled.  If there is a late cancellation or a no show your class fee will be forfeited for that class.  However if inclement weather or contagious illness prevents you from attending, we do ask that you use your best judgment in attending and of course your fee will be waived.

If you are choosing to go the drop in route, you will need to call each week and see if there is a slot available in the class that you choose to go to.

Prices and policy subject to change

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