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Private Pilates Sessions or Duets

Also available at Hodgson Physical Therapy & Pilates are private Pilates sessions or duets. These sessions are an hour long and are performed on the various pieces of  Pilates equipment.     

Socks are not required, however if you would like to purchase Pilates socks (ToeSox)  with individual toes and non-slip soles. We carry the socks in our clinic or you can find them by clicking on this link:

Private Package:
3 Visits for $210.00

Now offering an introductory package of private Pilates sessions consisting of 3 one hour sessions with one of our comprehensively trained instructors.  Reservations required, 24 hour cancellation also required.

Private Pilates Sessions or Duets for One Hour

$80.00 for one hour long private
$45.00 per person for the one hour long duet.


6 class packages:

hour private $450.00

1/2 hour private $240.00

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