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Pilates is available at Hodgson Physical Therapy & Pilates several days a week, our classes are described below.  These are fee for service, not insurance based.


These classes are available to the public and are an hour long. These classes are for all skill levels:  from beginner to advanced and for all fitness levels. Class sizes are limited, therefore please call and reserve your spot.  Mats and small props are provided for you.  Just bring yourself and a positive attitude.

Building Healthy Bones

Thursday 10:00am-sit/stand class

This class is designed to work with clients diagnosed with Osteoporosis or low bone density (Osteopenia).  It is also for those at risk for the diagnosis and have difficulty with traditional mat based classes.  This class is done in sitting and in standing.  It targets bone building activities, working to increase overall strength as well as improve posture.  Most importantly it avoids all thoracic (upper back) flexion activities which should be avoided when diagnosed with Osteoporosis/low bone density (Osteopenia). It does however encourage spinal movements in all directions especially extension to improve upright posture.  For more information regarding these diagnoses prior to the class starting go to

Friday 8:00am-mat/stand class

This class is unique in that it is a traditional mat class allowing for modifications to keep an osteoporotic/low bone density (osteopenia) spine safe yet continue to challenge the body to move and gain strength. Also included in this mat class are standing bone building activities as well as balance exercises. The class is an hour long and mat and small props are provided. 

Circuit Training

Advanced Class-Saturday 8:00am

Reserved Slot Required

It is a class that is for Clients that have experience in both mat and reformer and have been approved by an instructor to enter the class.  The class is an hour long including instruction and involves all pieces of the Pilates equipment and is considered an intermediate to advanced class.  It is a full body experience using the principles of Pilates to truly challenge your body to move in new ways. 

Beginner Class-Saturday 9:15 am

Reserved Slot Required

The class is an hour long including instruction and involves all pieces of the Pilates equipment. This class will have stations on all of the Pilates equipment as the above class however the exercises will not be as advanced in technique. It will allow participants to focus on their technique and form with instructions. It is a full body experience using the principles of Pilates to truly challenge your body to move in new ways

Osteoporosis/Osteopenia Circuit Class

Tuesday 6:00pm

Reserved Slot Required, See Pricing

This Class will be offered on Tuesday evenings at 6 pm and is an hour long including instruction and involves all pieces of the Pilates equipment.  It is a full body experience however careful to stay within precautions necessary for people with osteoporosis and low bone density.



This is an equipment based class and each client has their own machine to use.


Reformer 1:  basic reformer exercises moving at a steady pace however allowing for a person to focus on the proper technique without the higher level balance/coordination challenges.


Reformer 2:  continues to focus on the proper technique however now moving into more advanced exercises requiring increased coordination and balance with more challenging choreography.


Reformer 3:   this class will continue where the intermediate class has left off however now will allow you to deepen your connections, increase your full body integration, and improve the fluidity of your movements.


Modified Reformer (MR):  this class allows for modifications for any condition that a person may have that keeps them from moving at the same pace as the beginner class, this class moves at a slower pace and is 40-45 mins in duration therefore it is offered at a 10% discount, 

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